Crushing Mythology Island in Poptropica

Mythology Island is probably my favorite island in all of Poptropica. Here is how you can beat it very quickly. Follow all of the steps and you will win your island medallion! P.S. Thank you Fierce Moon for the tips on Mythology!

Poptropica Mythology Island

The initial thing when you arrive on Main Street to do is really to go where you’ll locate the Tree. You have to climb it. Get to the highest part of the tree by rebounding on mushrooms, leaping from branch to branch, and climbing on the large snakes hanging from the tree.

Collect 10 jars of honey within the time limit. Then return to the satyr. The Satyr will open up a secret path.

Walk across the satyr’s secret path. Click the branch above to knock the golden apple down.

Zeus appears after you pick at the Golden Apple and he gives you a string of tasks to perform for him. Zeus additionally gives you the Sacred Items Scroll.

Click on the Sacred Items Scroll inside your backpack to find out more about all the different things you need to find and bring to Zeus.

Jump up onto the top of the acqueduct. Turn the switches at each juncture to drive the water to fall into the pool down below the Sphinx.

Once the water in the acqueduct flows into the pool, the Uncommon Flower will blossom.

There’s above where the Sphinx is sitting a pomegranate tree. Jump up there and pick a pomegranate in the tree.

See the Museum of Olympus on Main Street. The Starfish is on the statue of Poseidon.

Go inside Apollo’s Temple and you’ll be able to pick up your own Reed Pipe.

Once the Reed Pipe is in your backpack, clink on the statue of Euterpe and she is going to teach you how to play with a melody. You’ll want to memorize the musical notes and then repeat them to finish the job.

To add the Pipe Tune to your own inventory, first learn a tune from Euterpe. She will give you the Pipe Tune.

Head over to the Labryinth and increase access to the entry by making use of the Reed Pipe to play the melody you see on the door. The correct sequence of notes to play is Blue, Blue, Green, Yellow, Yellow, Crimson, Blue, Green.

It might not be difficult to get lost, once you are inside the Labyrinth. However, you can always follow the golden thread to return to the last turn you made inside the labyrinth.

The bones puzzle is a riddle. Remove six of the bones so that the remaining bones spell the word, “Ten.”

Click on the three red eyed snakes to open the gate.

Discuss with the Minotaur before you leave to get his Ring.

Clean all three areas of graffiti off of Hades’ temple. The worker provides you with the Drachma.

Place the Pomegranates on the altar in Hades’ Temple to enter the underworld.

The boatman will take you across the river. Prevent falling stalactites, hungry gators, and flaming skulls to cross safely.

(to be continued….)


Time Tangled Island in Poptropica

Time Tangled Island in Poptropica

Main Street
Arrive at Main Street on Time Tangled island. Go to the right and talk to the crying lady scientist. She’ll inform you to come inside Pendulum’s lab. Go down go from that point and into the lab of Pendulum and push the plug. Subsequently jump up and enter the time machine.

Potential Future
You may be with smog, a poor future in Potential Future and ruined buildings everywhere. Go to the left and meet your future self. Talk to him/her and he or she will provide you with a Time Device to travel back in time. Click on the icon in the lower left of your display to make use of the Time Device.

Ancient Greece
They want a gold vase, they will have a phonograph. The very first place you need to go is Ancient Greece. There, jump to the roofing of the very first building you see and you’ll locate a Phonograph.

Mali Empire
They want a bag of salt rocks, they will have the Declaration draft. Next head to the Mali Empire. Avoiding the snakes, talk to the document guy and go inside of the Timbuktu Inn. The document man will notice that you do not have any cash so he will inquire whether you can piece together a puzzle. Do it and you’ll get the Declaration of Independence draft.

Da Vinci’s workshop
They want a notebook, they will have the Peace Medal. Go to Da Vinci’s WorkShop and go around the pulley system and jump onto the best stage. Wait until it goes all the way down, then leap onto the lowest one. Subsequently, jump to the right, and grab the Peace Medal hanging underneath the wooden deck.

Aztec Empire
They need a sun stone piece, they will have a set of goggles. Once you are in the Aztec Empire, head to the right, pass the warriors attempting to attack you and speak to the old man. He will provide you with a Warrior Mask. Set it on, then talk to the warrior wearing the Goggles who will no longer attack you. He’ll give you the goggles.

Time Tangled Aztec

The Great Wall of China
They want a rock bowl, they have an amulet and some gunpowder. In the Great Wall of China time period, visit the far right then climb up in the construction zone to get the Gunpowder, go right, and talk to the guy sitting down. He’s got the Amulet. Conquer and he’ll give you it.

The Graff House
The Declaration draft is needed by them, they will have a bag. In the building, go in The Graff House and give Thomas Jefferson the Declaration of Independence draft. After that, head to the top and get the Salt Rocks which are on the chimney.

Lewis and Clark’s Expedition
They want the Peace Medal, they will have a stone bowl. In the Lewis and Clark time period, give the Peace Medal to Lewis. Head to the top of the tree where a beaver is popping in and out from the tree and has the Stone Bowl, before you leave. To grab it, jump on the beaver in the instant he’s planning to peek out or catch him while he is going back in his hiding place.

Menlo Park, New Jersey
A phonograph is needed by them, they’ve a sun stone piece. Visit Edison’s Workshop and go inside the workshop. In there, locate Thomas Edison and give him the Phonograph. Then return outside, head to the left and find the cart. Click around the wheel to get it moves and follow until it stops. Afterward, jump from the handcart from the tree and to the tree to the very top of the building. The Sun Stone Piece is up there on among the chimneys.

Construction of the Statue of Liberty
They need a statue model, they will have a notebook. In the Statue of Liberty time period, visit the top of the Liberty structure and jump to the left. You may land on one of to ledges. The Laptop will likely be on the lower one.

Mount Everest
They want a pair of goggles, they will have a statue model. Proceed to the Mount Everest time period before you locate Edmund Hillary and climb the mountain. Give him his Goggles and continue climbing up the mountain. You will finally get to the top, and once you done it, you will find the small study model of the Statue of Liberty.

The Vikings Period
An amulet is needed by them, they will have a gold vase. Go to the Vikings period. Afterward go up to click onto it to make use of the Gunpowder and the sealed cave in order to enter, and blow up the rocks. Another component is a maze game that is timed. You must navigate the cave before your torch burns out, in order to find the vase. Be careful around the pools of water.

Fixing the Times
Now you just need to go back to the times that aren’t repaired and give the individuals who need the items the items. First, head to the Vikings period and return Thor’s Amulet. Afterward go to Ancient Greece and return the golden vase. Go back to the Mali Empire in order to find the dealer in the building’s highest part and give the Salt Rocks to him. After that, go back to Da Vinci’s Workshop, climb up and enter Leo’s Workshop. Once in there, locate Leonardo Da Vinci and return to him his Laptop. You do not need a Glider to finish this island, although leo will reward you using it. Return to the Aztec Empire and go back the Sun Stone Piece. Return to the Great Wall of China. Pass the construction and give the Stone Bowl to the knight. Finally, visit the Statue of Liberty period, enter the construction house that says “Gaget, Gauthier et Cie”, find Bartholdi and give him the Statue of Liberty model.

Mission Accomplished – Sweet!
Return to the lab, go inside and turn on the machine that is future again. It really is different then before, although you will find yourself in the near future. Make your way up the buildings, using the floating stages and the monorails and enter the house, wherever your gonna meet your future self again. The monorails’ll supply you with the Isle Medallion! Congrats!!!

Super Secret Bonus Clothing Item
Visit the Vikings period and climb up the little mountain. Using the Glider and you’ll float on the atmosphere. Acreage on the opposite stage and you will find the Viking Suit.

Astro Knights Island Walkthrough

Astro Knights Island

This really is a mission to save Kingdom Arturus’ princess, but you must finish first the side quests to obtain the three mystical weapons from the three knights to the outer space using your own rocket ship. You will have a princess narrative narrative with a trendy spaceship technology all together in this Island. Here begins your Astro Knights adventure!
Getting Started:

When you arrive on the isle, you’ll be in Arturus. You will see first the House of Mordred in your right which is now a museum.
Next to the home is the fountain with a spaceship statue which you should look at. That is a gold coin on the correct side base of the statue. Just do it and pick it up and proceed to House of Mordred.

House of Mordred

There’s a guy standing alongside the door when you go into the home, to take advantage of your gold coin for admission and you are only free to look around, and you need he will offer you the museum pamphlet.

When you click on the books to the chair, he’ll tell you that you are not permitted to touch them but gives you a Library book slip (the underline letters are Mcm).

Go all the method to the proper to the Fortress of Arturus and then leave the place, you can observe a spaceship disc still smoking on its left side. Walk to the right and go to the castle entry.

When you are inside, walk somewhat to the right and enter the first door you’ll see, just following the knight armour display.
You will be inside the castle library, go upstairs and get the book that is green on the final book ledge which is Arturus’

Mysterious Weapons.

Go downstairs and get the book The Life of Mordred -A Cautionary Tale to the book stand with ink and feather& candle.
Go to the bookshelf in your right, click the brick with name labeled McM, plus a secret passage will open.

Go downstairs and you’ll be on an underground room. Proceed to the privilege to pick up the moldy cheese on a plate.
Next walk somewhat further to right to snap to the handle hanging on wall beside on a barrel. A small arch door will be opened by this within the jail.

Leave the library as well because the librarian and leave this room is mad at you.

Next go to the left and enter the door that is wooden that is other. You will meet with a woman with the left’s mechanical mouse. Place your moldy cheese on the floor, along with the mouse will do it. Now you can get this mechanical mouse.
Proceed to the chest near the bed, you’ll find a letter at the top of it. It’s a secret message which says “We must change our password! I believe my parents will discover what we are doing and put a stop to it!”

Leave the room, then go to the upstairs that is left, and enter the wooden door at the top. You will meet with the king and queen in this room who are really stressed of their daughter who is kidnapped. The queen will hand within the coordinates of the three knights who left in search, when you ask her if she can think of anything else that may help you. The coordinates are X-15 Y-15, X-73 Y-83 and X-83 Y-20.

After the coordinates were taken by you, leave the castle and run all the strategy to the right till you reach Ye Olde Rumour Mille.

At your coming you’ll meet with a girl along with a man on a hooded jacket, looks like Robin Hood. The guy will give you a Bag of Manure.

Next continue to go right up the hill to the Ye Olde Rumour Mille building. Proceed to the left and go up, when the tools are reached on by you, jump on the middle stage.

Then cling on the rope and slide down, you’ll fall on a stage and will meet a black haired girl.

You will trade your secret message for the cosmic symbols which will be the password for a member of the secret order. Jump down and go outside.

In the highest part of the mill there is a hatch with a glass cover. You should jump in the windmill blades to make it continue until it spins enough to open the hatch on the top to jump around the opposite blades and spin. Go up and in the hatch door.

Use your Bag of manure to the broken flying craft you’ll see inside, it will land on the mud around the correct side of the mill and will fly up in the air.

Go out and go down to the right. You will see the flying disc but you must get something before it’ll work. So go first around the giant wheel above the flying craft on the coil of rope and leave the place briefly.

Head your back to the left to the castle. Then jump on the left windowsills near the front door, where you could see an immense bow and arrow, then jump on top.

Use your coil of rope, this will attached on the weapon and you also must fire 45 degree angle. Should you shoot correctly, the arrow will hit the door on a tower.

Walk upon the rope and enter the door.

Move to the left, and get the brownish paper around the chest that is open. This is the Princess ‘note. Only analyze the information to be read and understand by it.

You must leave the place now where you have got the gold coin and go to the left and come back to the fountain.
When you reach the fountain, click the tablet. Use the cosmic symbols in your backpack, starting from planet with ring, the moon along with the star.

Then click the Sun at the center, a secret passage will open for one to enter.

Climb down the rope; you’ll meet with several people wearing purple robes. You just have to talk about the final boy in line with two teeth and pimples. He’ll give you a small key. After you received it, venture out and depart this place.

Next, return to the House of Mordred.

Walk to the left and go up, then walk to the right towards the bed of Mordred. Pick up the Missing page from Mordred’s journal.

Go forward and analyze its content and remember the other coordinates written 56 and 52 for the Pewter moon.

Leave the museum now and run back to the proper.

After the man who gave you the bag of manure previously, you may see two bundles.

Push them to the right and leap and stand on the centre. To make them split, push on the other one. Use your small key to unlock it.
Go down and walk to the mechanical owl to the left. It’ll fly outside and you should follow it.
Now release the mechanical mouse in your backpack along with the owl will go for it and can chomp it.
The owl will be your buddy now and will follow you about.
Go down the secret passage on the floor. Walk to the left and get the chair was on by Mordred’s Journal.
Continue to go until the wall collapsed, push it. Walk to the left and enter the small arch hole on the finish. This can lead you where you saw the robot before.
The robot will burst along with the green fuel rod will fly outside the jail. For this reason, you need to click in your owl buddy then click the rod to pick up it for you. And click the owl again and click yourself it will give you the fuel rod.
Leave the jail and leave the underground place.
Return to the windmill and return back to the flying craft you left on the mud. Bound onto it and fly to the proper till you discover a spacecraft which is the Excalibur.
Click on a control panel along with the spacecraft will reveal on screen. Replace the broken rod with your fuel rod that is new, merely drag it.
Next you must enter the final two coordinates you discovered about the missing page which is the destination for the Pewter Moon: 52 & 56.
Simply spin the dials until you get the correct coordinates that look like eyeballs.
Then click the red launch button and you’ll fly out to the space.
Pewter Moon

The fuel rod will likely be depleted and you’re going to land on Pewter Moon.
Run to the right and jump on the moving stage in the centre of the Astrozone.
Go within the building; you can see a green alien on its window.
You’ll ask the green alien how to get off this planet and keep in touch with him and a new one about the Holopad and also you could construct he’ll tell you to leave your ship for scrap.
Go outside and move to the left. Click the Holopad machine, with a hint of Assemble your own rocket here.
You make your choice for the speed and shield, and can design your own rocket.
Click done button when you are finished.
The new rocket ship is on the launch pad in your left waiting for your quest that is biggest.

The best way to make use of the Rocket?

To take off in space, simply click Launching. To fly the spacecraft, move your cursor around and have a look at the coordinates in the bottom left that represent each planet that you will need to see. You may employ your weapon by clicking on the direction you aim for all those other ships and space creatures that can attack you.
Jungle Planet (coordinates X15, Y15)
Other Space Enemies: Alien ships

Go outside your rocket ship, when you arrive on this planet. Go to the left and go under a spotlight with a green weapon above it to the platform. Go up ahead and pick your Laser Spear up.
Next, jump on the blossoms with springtime in your left; they will propel you onto other blooms until you get to your rocket ship.
Then with tools, have the appropriate timing to jump on each, there are currently swinging stages in your right. Be cautious on the green caterpillars as gears may allow you to get zapped.
Hop keep to go right and in the platform in the end.
You will meet a knight in armor that is green Sir Cador,. He’ll tell you there is someone or something held on the cage, which might function as the princess.
Bound in the rope, there are giant eggs with giant spring chickens and close. You should have the correct time at the same time to jump to them. Jump on the very first egg when it’s close after they open then close, and leap immediately to the next one.
In the end you’ll discover the Pegasus, a flying unicorn. Subsequently Sir Cador will make warning that Mother Phoenix is approaching.
Battle Mother Phoenix- using your unicorn you’ll fly up in the air and also the laser spear will probably be your weapon. Before the Mother Phoenix will appear, you need certainly to dodge on the bugs that are flying; lightning and rocket missiles or you are able to fire the laser being used by them.
After a time, Mother Phoenix will come. She will fire rocket missiles while you should fire a fully charged shot on her open mouth three times and will open her mouth. (Click and hold your mouse on until the point lights up a circle green after which fire). You should watch out on your own back as she may sneak behind you.
You’ll go back to the knight, when you defeated her. He will go along with you in look for the princess. You will go back on your own boat, click on Launching after which press on the Teleport Home button.
Fire Planet (coordinates X 83, Y 20/upper right)
Other Space Challenge: Black hole

When you get outside on this particular planet you will be encompassed on hot lava. You need to go to the left by jumping on each moving stages push up by lava. Skip down on the following platform when it goes down.
On the last platform, you need certainly to hesitate until it reaches the peak of the volcano crater where you should jump over left.
Go down the volcano crater.
You need to conceal on the volcano’s potholes in order to avoid the yellowish steam that will pass by when you’re inside it. The saying is very accurate on this challenge, “Patience is a Virtue”. You need to be patient and attentive in case you don’t wish to start over again.
Keep moving on these hollow curves when the yellowish steam evaporates.
When you get on a considerably open region, the steam will stop but you may encounter rolling rocks on your way.
You need to jump to enter the red knight, named Sir Pellas.
The Red will tell you that the princess is now a captive of the creature and he is weak enough to conquer it. Rather he will give you the Ice arrow to slay the animal yourself.
Move to the left. Jump on the very first metal string you’ll see as you enter the room. Climb up and jump off left until you get to the last chain.
Go down and slip behind the fire dragon until you reach the lever on its centre, which you need to click to suspend the dragon temporarily.
Move to the right immediately and click your ice arrow to fire it on its open mouth.
The smoke will come out on its nose also it’s going to begin jumping up and down causing the stalactites to fall.
Go up ahead and repeat the process till you defeat the dragon. You need to have three shots to destroy it.
The red knight can come to you and can be your follow also for the hunt with the princess, when you destroyed the dragon.

Ice Planet (X 73, Y 83/ lower left)
Other Space Enemies: Three Space sharks

On your way to Ice planet you’ll encounter three space sharks in here that you just have to mouth about the black hole that will be unlike to the very first two planets which you only need to avoid of the space aliens and drive far from the black hole.
You must make the sharks lure here away on the black hole and follow you.
After you have eliminated every one of the sharks and managed to land on this planet, go outside your rocket ship.
You will be on a platform over the ice water, that should you touched it, you’ll go back in your rocket ship.
You should jump on the platforms to the left while preventing the robot fish that comes from the water. Jumping is difficult in here, since you’ll slide on the ice stages. So you must proceed quickly and land in the middle to avoid that.
Head to the best to enter the following zone, when you achieve the end.
Scale on the stages while preventing the giant snowballs. You should get on top of the mountain to meet the last blue knight, Sir Gawain.
Sir will provide you a special force shield and your battle together with the tiger-shaped giant helicopter will commence.
The helicopter will drop snowballs at you but you may employ your force shield hit on the helicopter and to bounce it back. Ice spikes avoid them and will also attack you so you better see it outside.
Your shield must recharge, so when it’s empty you have to be careful and make certain to dodge all strikes because you will be defenseless and have to wait for the shield to be completely charged.
You need to hit on the helicopter thrice to destroy it.
The blue knight will join your hunt for the princess following the helicopter had crashed.
Crystal Gate (coordinates X 11, Y-82)
Other Space Challenge: Asteroid Belts
Now you have the three it’s simple to visit this planet, just be watchful on the asteroid belts you’ll encounter on your way.
When you arrive, go outside and climb the crystal mountain where you have landed up. The three knights were already for you to pull out the sword stuck on the crystal stone, waiting wherein it’s going to produce a little whirlpool that may be your entrance to Binary Bard’s castle.
Jump down and speak with the princess. The princess’ll get the three mysterious weapons. Once she does, she will show herself as the Binary Bard. He’ll vanish after.
Next, you need to click on the wall which can be behind the Binary Bard previously, to begin your puzzle game. You have to show the whole picture of King Mordred. You click on among the square and it’s going to throw or will reveal the other images of the nearby squares. This is catchy but you can solve it since you only need to try them all and make some practice.
When you complete the puzzle, it’ll be your entrance for your final battle.
Final Battle King Mordred

The battle comes in two parts and you only have one health meter for all these parts.
First part: You will fly Merlin around; your robot owl must avoid Mordred’s robot arms and the spinning disks.
Merlin must get two bombs from the black bombs that Mordred dropped. Fly over Merlin and for a couple of seconds to release it over and wait wait till the bombs begin blinking red.
The bombs will burst. When you’re successful with the two bombs, Mordred will destroy Merlin.
You need to tempt where the princess is trapped Mordred to get close on the platform.
When he is close enough, jump onto Mordred, and after that jump in the princess ‘platform.
Next jump to the chandelier that is left and enter the middle, Mordred will go underneath to fire his laser but he’ll hit on the chandelier instead making it fall onto him.
Repeat the measure on the chandelier that is correct until the green energy orb drops from his head.
His robot will soon be ruined but he’ll come again but this time the princess will knock him down.
The orb will be taken by the princess to the Kingdom of Arturus to restore its power.
And then the king will ask for your presence and will award the isle medallion for completing this assignment. You may also see Merlin again, for he was fixed.

Basics And Tips For Poptropica

In the popular online game Poptropica, you’ll find that there are countless hours of entertainment available. The primary goal of the game is to take part in and finish the different islands, or quests, in the game. All the different islands have a unique storyline and theme and certain things that must be done. Poptropica is cartoony and fun and is an exciting game to play. It is full of secrets and hidden items. There are so many Poptropica secrets that they can’t all fit into a single place but here is a low-down of the game to give you and idea of what you can do in Poptropica.

Poptropica Islands

You’ll find 24 island quests in the game, with several new ones coming about once per month. The islands are:

  • Early Poptropica
  • Shark Tooth
  • 24 Carrot
  • Time Tangled
  • Super Power
  • Spy
  • Nabooti
  • Big Nate
  • Astro-Knights
  • Counterfeit
  • Reality TV
  • Mythology
  • Skullduggery
  • Steamworks
  • Great Pumpkin (Charlie Brown)
  • Cryptids
  • Wild West
  • Wimpy Wonderland
  • Red Dragon
  • Shrink Ray
  • Mystery Train
  • Game Show
  • Ghost Story
  • S.O.S.
  • Vampire’s Curse
  • Twisted Thicket
  • Poptropolis Games
  • Wimpy Boardwalk
  • Lunar Colony
  • Super Villain Island
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Zomberry Island
  • Night Watch Island
  • Back Lot Island
  • Virus Hunter Island
  • Mocktropica Island
  • Monster Carnival Island
  • Survival Island
  • Mission: Atlantis

Try any island adventure at any time, but you might want to begin with one of the easier islands, like Shark Tooth to build a sense of how to play.

Playing the Game

You can be a boy or a girl and you can customize the appearance prior to starting the game. You may start with a new player every time or register with the site to save your character as a veteran player.

The game is basically a scroller. You start each island adventure by arriving and then you need to speak with characters that you meet to determine what you need to do. You then progress along the mission until you have completed all the tasks you need to do.

Poptropica brings together puzzle-solving and adventure with arcade skills like running, jumping and playing with objects in the world. A great deal of the game involves jumping around things in the way or climbing up buildings to find secret spots.

Other Players

There are locations on many of the Poptropica islands you can play contests against other players. Winning a lot of mini-games improves your battle ranking. Another thing you may do is chat by using a point and click menu system.