Crushing Mythology Island in Poptropica

Mythology Island is probably my favorite island in all of Poptropica. Here is how you can beat it very quickly. Follow all of the steps and you will win your island medallion! P.S. Thank you Fierce Moon for the tips on Mythology!

Poptropica Mythology Island

The initial thing when you arrive on Main Street to do is really to go where you’ll locate the Tree. You have to climb it. Get to the highest part of the tree by rebounding on mushrooms, leaping from branch to branch, and climbing on the large snakes hanging from the tree.

Collect 10 jars of honey within the time limit. Then return to the satyr. The Satyr will open up a secret path.

Walk across the satyr’s secret path. Click the branch above to knock the golden apple down.

Zeus appears after you pick at the Golden Apple and he gives you a string of tasks to perform for him. Zeus additionally gives you the Sacred Items Scroll.

Click on the Sacred Items Scroll inside your backpack to find out more about all the different things you need to find and bring to Zeus.

Jump up onto the top of the acqueduct. Turn the switches at each juncture to drive the water to fall into the pool down below the Sphinx.

Once the water in the acqueduct flows into the pool, the Uncommon Flower will blossom.

There’s above where the Sphinx is sitting a pomegranate tree. Jump up there and pick a pomegranate in the tree.

See the Museum of Olympus on Main Street. The Starfish is on the statue of Poseidon.

Go inside Apollo’s Temple and you’ll be able to pick up your own Reed Pipe.

Once the Reed Pipe is in your backpack, clink on the statue of Euterpe and she is going to teach you how to play with a melody. You’ll want to memorize the musical notes and then repeat them to finish the job.

To add the Pipe Tune to your own inventory, first learn a tune from Euterpe. She will give you the Pipe Tune.

Head over to the Labryinth and increase access to the entry by making use of the Reed Pipe to play the melody you see on the door. The correct sequence of notes to play is Blue, Blue, Green, Yellow, Yellow, Crimson, Blue, Green.

It might not be difficult to get lost, once you are inside the Labyrinth. However, you can always follow the golden thread to return to the last turn you made inside the labyrinth.

The bones puzzle is a riddle. Remove six of the bones so that the remaining bones spell the word, “Ten.”

Click on the three red eyed snakes to open the gate.

Discuss with the Minotaur before you leave to get his Ring.

Clean all three areas of graffiti off of Hades’ temple. The worker provides you with the Drachma.

Place the Pomegranates on the altar in Hades’ Temple to enter the underworld.

The boatman will take you across the river. Prevent falling stalactites, hungry gators, and flaming skulls to cross safely.

(to be continued….)


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